Thursday, July 19, 2012

Windows 8 Release Date In India

Looks like, Microsoft has finally decided to release its killer OS just before the holiday season kicks off. The company announced the official availability of Windows 8 OS on October 26 via a blog post. 
The world’s largest software maker is pinning high hopes on Windows 8 platform. The eager firm is doing everything to make sure that its newest OS does well in the critical environment dominated by Apple and Google. Windows 8 plus office 13 is one of the bright examples that will surely lure buyers.
Windows 8 OS is designed to run on both tablets and traditional PCs. This could be the biggest test in front of Microsoft to prove its mantle in front of millions of hardcore windows users.
For the first time, Microsoft has decided to manufacture its own range of tablets running on Windows 8 to compete with iPad and Nexus 7. The software giant could announce the pricing and availability of Surface tablets in late October as well.
Intel Corporation, world’s largest chip manufacturer recently stated that more than 20 atom chip powered Windows 8 tablets will be available by the year end. 
The success of Windows 8 powered tablets is dependent upon the pricing set by the hardware manufacturers. By looking at the specifications required to run a Windows 8 tablet, it would be safe to say that the manufacturers are not in a mood to place their fancy tablets against Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire. 
Recently, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Tuner made an unforgettable mark by saying that Apple’s idea of ‘Post-PC’ era doesn’t make any sense. He further said we would like to call this era as PC+ generation. 
It would be interesting to see the cat fight between two tech titans. Now, all eyes set on October 26. 

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